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RiverRun International Film Festival - April 7-17, 2016



One of the fastest-growing regional film festivals in the U.S., and a premier film festival in the Southeast, Winston-Salem's RiverRun is an Academy Award-qualifying film festival showcasing a variety of narrative, documentary, sudent, animated and short films from all genres. Now in its 18th year, 11-day festival lineup for 2016 features more than 150 films  - 76 features and 90 shorts -- representing 44 countries.

Each each April, RiverRun screens a variety of feature-length and short films from all genres and presents a broad range of special events, including high-profile regional premieres, celebrity tributes, family matinees and classic retrospectives as well as a mixture of panel discussions and parties.  Noted Filmmakers and special guests travel to share their films, passions and stories with audiences.

Comparable in size and scope to the well-regarded film festivals in Nashville, Atlanta and Boston, RiverRun is a general audience festival that draws attendees from throughout the South and offers an eclectic program from film studios, independent distributors and first-time filmmakers. As the Festival has obtained national and international recognition, RiverRun has attracted substantial press and increased levels of attendance.


Spotlight on Fashion and Film

This year's festival presents a lineup of six memorable films that had dramatic impacts on the world of fashion. The Spotlight Program is a regular component to RiverRun and provides a rare opportunity to experience classic cinema curated around a central theme.

“These six films demonstrate how, with simple costume choices, fashion is put in the spotlight; from that little black dress and pearls in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ to the rugged jeans James Dean sports in ‘Rebel Without a Cause,’ to the iconic vest and tie Keaton chose for ‘Annie Hall,’ these films prove that costumes and fashion in film can have a lasting cultural legacy,” said Mary Dossinger, RiverRun program manager.


  • Annie Hall (1977) / Director: Woody Allen
    Comedian Alvy Singer examines the rise and fall of his relationship with struggling nightclub singer Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) in this all-time great romantic comedy from filmmaker Woody Allen.
  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961) / Director: Blake Edwards
    A young woman in New York City, Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn in one of her defining roles) sets her sights on a young man who has just moved into her apartment building in this classic adaptation of the Truman Capote novel. Sponsored by Kilpatrick, Townsend &Stockton, LLP.
  • "Gilda" (1946) / Director: Charles Vidor
    Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) is a gambling cheat who goes straight in order to work for casino owner Ballin Mundson. But things take a turn when Mundson’s wife Gilda (Rita Hayworth), an ex-lover of Johnny’s, reappears.
  • "Grey Gardens" (1975) / Directors: Ellen Hovde, Albert Maysles, David Maysles & Muffie Meyer
    A direct cinema classic from the Maysles Brothers, “Grey Gardens” explores the daily lives of Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith, two eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis who are the sole inhabitants of a Long Island estate.
  • "Pretty in Pink" (1986) / Director: Howard Deutch
    It’s the 30th anniversary of this iconic 80’s film. When Blane, one of the rich, popular kids at school, asks out misfit Andie, it seems too good to be true. As Andie starts falling for Blane, she begins to realize that dating someone from a different social sphere is not easy.
  • "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955)  / Director: Nicholas Ray
    James Dean stars as a rebellious young man with a troubled past who comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies, in Nicholas Ray’s 1955 touchstone.





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