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Eight Most Overlooked Foodie Towns in the South

Recently Winston-Salem was recognized by as a foodie destination that doesn't get the credit it deserves.  Below is a snippet of what was written: A progressive, college town, often called “the arts capital of the state,” Winston-Salem (pop: 234K) has so many excellent restaurants per capita it nearly rivals any other major metropolis. Suggestions on where to eat: Winkler Bakery, Village Tavern or Willow’s Bistro. Click here to see the full dish on Winston-Salem.   More

Table Magazine Pays Homage to the Easter Sunrise Service in Old Salem

For the past 242 years, early on Easter Sunday morning, Moravians (a Protestant denomination) in the historic town of Old Salem, North Carolina, have gathered outside of the Home Moravian Church. Even earlier, they have been roused from sleep by roving brass bands playing “Sleepers, Wake,” readying them for the sunrise service.... Myriam Rubin, a columnist with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and freelance writer for Table Magazine, recently highlighted the sunrise service tradition that takes place every year at Old Salem.  Table… More

BunkyCooks Food Blog Highlights Winston-Salem during the Holiday Season

Bunkycooks food blog highlighted two aspects of Winston-Salem's honorable culinary scene. The James Beard Award nominated food blog,, launched in 2009 and has since grown to become a culinary lifestyle website. Bunkycooks takes the reader along on a  journey to experience the finest in culinary travel to luxury destinations and properties in the Southeast, the United States, and around the world.  Creator and food blogger Gwen Pratesi also invites readers into exclusive interviews of America’s most noble chefs and… More

Twin City: Winston-Salem’s substance goes deeper than its tobacco lands

Winston-Salem was recently highlighted in the Greenville, South Carolina based publication Town Magazine.  Read below to see a sampling of what they reported: A city with a dual personality, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, straddles old and new. Tobacco built the nineteenth-century city of Winston, but the area’s earliest history tells its tales in colonial Salem. Though Winston and Salem were officially consolidated back in 1913, to know this mid-sized city today, you must first dig into its Moravian roots. More than a century… More Highlights McRitchie Winery’s Hard Cider Craft in the Yadkin Valley recently spotlighted on North Carolina's Yadkin Valley Wine Region and McRitchie Winery’s widely popular hard cider craft business.  To see an excerpt of the story read below: A beloved beverage in America's early days, cider became the darling of colonial tables after it was discovered that apples grew better in the New England soil than the grains required to make beer. By the middle of the 18th century, the average resident of Massachusetts was downing 35 gallons of cider every year. Cider's popularity declined in the… More

A Tale of Two Cities

Triangle Localista recently posted a story about great North Carolina day trip opportunities.  To see an excerpt from the story, read below.  Summer vacation season is here. We’re lucky to live nearly equal distance from the mountains and the coast, with so many interesting sites to visit when you feel like exploring the spaces between. This year, I’m planning a series of day trips to visit NC cities and attractions just an hour or two from the Triangle by car. So come along for a day’s road trip around NC this summer. This… More

2012/13 Wine & Dine Guide

It’s only natural that the City of Arts and Innovation would elect to toast the agricultural underpinnings in its history and celebrate the food and drink of the South. Winston-Salem is one of the region’s best-kept culinary secrets. But not for long. It has everything culinary travelers dream about, and spicy stories you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Our culinary roots dates back to 1753 with the arrival of the Moravians, hard-working followers of a mainstream protestant religion who settled here 250 years ago. They… More

Winston-Salem Receiving High Marks and National Rankings Recognizes Downtown Winston-Salem as One of the Best in America Although Winston-Salem has a lot to offer from an active arts and culture scene, it’s the downtown district of Old Salem that really earns the city a place on the list. Many of our cities boast historic downtowns, but Old Salem’s is different because of its focus on the town’s former Moravian settlers, and because there is a steadfast effort to keep parts of downtown in a time warp to the 18th century. It’s like a little slice of Old Williamsburg in the… More