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Winston-Salem Air Show

Due to construction at Smith Reynolds Airport the 2016 Air Show is cancelled.

In 1911, crowds gathered for the first Winston-Salem Air Show and gazed in awe as Lincoln Beachey, then the world’s greatest exhibition flyer, who commanded the sky with his signature  “loop the loop” act in a rickety  wood and canvas biplane.   A century later, the Winston-Salem Air Show continues to celebrate more than 100 years of taking to the skies and spectators will be no less amazed at the dazzling lineup of military and civilian aircraft performing feats of aerial daring that even Beachey couldn’t have imagined.

The 2015 air show took place September 19-20 and provideds visitors a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Triad’s rich aviation history at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem. 

For more information about the Air Show visit  Parking is FREE, Children 12 and under are FREE.  

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