Men’s Journal Features Local Coffee Lounge recently sought out some of the nation's best baristas who know a thing or two about pour over coffee. Their search landed them in Winston-Salem, NC at Twin City Hive.Tucked in between bustling downtown Winston-Salem and historic Old Salem district, Twin City Hive has been pouring locally roasted coffee since 2014 and in just two years has made quite the name for itself. Outside of specializing in pour over coffees, Twin City Hive is one of Winston-Salem's go-tos for locally crafted gift items, homemade baked goods and even sensational hand poured heritage candles made specifically for the coffee lounge.

If a hot pour over isn't your thing, the coffee lounge is one of the few places in the area serving nitro cold brewed coffee -- a beer lover's coffee solution. 

"There is no perfect type of coffee bean for pour overs because everyone has different taste preferences," says Rachael Hayes, lead barista at Twin City Hive, which specializes in pour over coffee. "It would be like saying this type of wine is best for everyone."

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