Twin City: Winston-Salem’s substance goes deeper than its tobacco lands

Winston-Salem was recently highlighted in the Greenville, South Carolina based publication Town Magazine.  Read below to see a sampling of what they reported:

A city with a dual personality, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, straddles old and new. Tobacco built the nineteenth-century city of Winston, but the area’s earliest history tells its tales in colonial Salem. Though Winston and Salem were officially consolidated back in 1913, to know this mid-sized city today, you must first dig into its Moravian roots.

More than a century before R.J. Reynolds established his first tobacco factory in Winston in 1875, a congregation of Moravians claimed this land, bringing along their German language. Protestants who came to America from Eastern Europe to escape religious persecution, the Moravians sent a band of 15 unmarried men down the Great Wagon Road from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Their destination? A 100,000-acre tract of wilderness in the North Carolina Piedmont.

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