Highlights McRitchie Winery’s Hard Cider Craft in the Yadkin Valley recently spotlighted on North Carolina's Yadkin Valley Wine Region and McRitchie Winery’s widely popular hard cider craft business.  To see an excerpt of the story read below:

A beloved beverage in America's early days, cider became the darling of colonial tables after it was discovered that apples grew better in the New England soil than the grains required to make beer. By the middle of the 18th century, the average resident of Massachusetts was downing 35 gallons of cider every year. Cider's popularity declined in the early 1900s as beer-loving German immigrants made their way to the Midwest, where grains flourished. But today, however, cider is enjoying a comeback. Last year alone, cider sales jumped 60 percent, capturing the attention of large beverage producers.

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