Winston-Salem Culture Highlighted Nationally and Internationally

In just two months, Winston-Salem's Moravian culinary, local chef talent, historic hotels, Yadkin Valley wine and lively arts scene have earned headlines in print and digital outlets both nationally and internationally. The editorial received a combined readership of more than 8 million views. What's all the fuss about? Take a look at the article previews below and see why Winston-Salem is the topic of discussion.


Follow North Carolina's Moravian Culinary Trails
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Written by: Tracey Teo

"Hanes loved making cookies. In fact, she loved it so much she never stopped. In 1962, she opened Mrs. Hanes’ Moravian Cookies with her husband, Travis Hanes, and the couple is still making cookies today...The company is a frequent stop for visitors nibbling their way along the Moravian Cookie Trail, one of Winston-Salem’s three virtual culinary trails that celebrate the region’s Moravian food roots."

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Forks & The Road
National Post (ePaper)
Written by: Margaret Swaine

"At historic workshops, visitors can learn how to make things as they were done in the 1700s. At the cooking workshop, participants cook on a hearth from recipes found in a 1795 German cookbook."

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The Road
National Post (ePaper)
Written by: Margaret Swaine

"Tobacco however has given way to grapes and North Carolina now boasts 162 wineries. Winston-Salem sits in the heart of the Yadkin Valley AVA, which in 2003 was the first American Viticultural Area established in the state."

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Winston-Salem: Perfect Locale For a BA50 Girls’ Weekend
Better After 50: Real Women, Real Stories (Blog)
Written by: Mindy Trotta

"After you’ve feasted your eyes on this Women’s Weekend, the matter of actual feasting cannot be ignored. And since some of the city’s best chefs and restaurateurs are women, you can honor them by eating their food."

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Experiencing the Heritage of Winston-Salem
Never Stop Traveling (Blog)
Written by: Marcia Levin

"Did you ever Bank at Wachovia, wear Hanes textile products or enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut? Or smoke a major brand of cigarettes? Ever heard of Wake Forest University? If you did, credit Winston-Salem, North Carolina."

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Take a Trip to the Reinvented Winston-Salem
Next Aveue (Blog)
Written by: Emily Gurnon

"The city recently learned through a visitor survey that boomers make up the vast majority of its overnight tourist population. It boasts historical sites, from the restored Moravian settlement of Old Salem to former tobacco baron estates of Graylyn (now a lavish hotel) and Reynolda House (now a museum of American art). A rich, lively, contemporary art scene flourishes, too."

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National Black Theatre Festival Showcases Black Experience 
Physician's Money Digest
Written by: Candyce H. Stapen

"The 2015 festival features 40 different productions for a total of 140+ performances, making the gathering one of the largest showcases for Black theater in the nation. More than 60,000 people attended the 2013 festival."

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Dash Off to Winston-Salem
Champagne Living (Blog)
Written by: Zipporah Sandler

"The DASH really is about uniting a strong history in the arts with the technology of today, in a city that seems to live very comfortably at the intersection of what usually seems like dire opposites. Then again, Winston-Salem has a long standing history of meshing the old with the new."

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Exploring the Food Scene in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
New Haven Register
Written by: Stephen Fries

"The city is as rich, multifaceted and varied, as the lush, green carpeted hillsides that surround this most hospitable city."

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A Showcase for Growing Together
Ticket Sarasota
Written by: Jay Handelman

“It’s the most biggest, wonderfulest event ever,” said Jackie Taylor, the founder and artistic director of the Black Ensemble Theater in Chicago. “It’s just indescribable. You get to see everything you could possibly think of, but there’s not enough time to see what you want.” (Quote pulled from article.)

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